Product 產品介紹 - Graphic
Product 產品介紹 - Graphic
Graphic - NT7108D
Part No. common segment Controller Logic Voltage LCD Driver Voltage Duty Package
NT7108D - 64 YES 2.7~5.5V 8~17V 1/32~1/64 Dice, QFP, LQFP
The NT7108 is a LCD driver LSI with 64 channel outputs for dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display systems. This device consists of the display RAM, 64 bits data latch, 64 bit drivers and decoder logic. It has the internal display RAM for storing the display data transferred from a 8 bit micro controller and generates the dot matrix liquid crystal driving signals corresponding to stored data. 
The NT7108 composed of the liquid crystal display system in combination with the NT7107.
Dot    matrix    LCD    segment    driver    with    64    channel    output 
Input:    8bit    parallel    display    data    control    signal    from    MPU    divided    bias    voltage    (V0R,    V0L,    V2R,    V2L,    V3R,    V3L,    V5R,    V5L)
Output:    64    channels    for    LCD    driving. 
Display    data    is    stored    in    display    data    RAM    from    MPU. 
Interface    RAM    Capacity:    512    bytes    (4096    bits) 
Applicable    LCD    duty:1/32-1/64 
LCD    driving    voltage:    8V-17V(VDD-VEE) 
Power    supply    voltage:+2.7~+5.5V 
High    voltage    CMOS    process. 
100PQ,    100PQFP    or    bare    chip    available.