Product 產品介紹 - Secondary Protection ICs
Product 產品介紹 - Secondary Protection ICs
Secondary Protection ICs - NT1732
Part Number Cells Protected Stack Function Protection FETs Protection for Note Package
Over-Voltage Under-Voltage Temperature
NT1732 1/2/3-cell - Fuse +/-25mV - - - SOT-23-6 DFN-6L
NT1732A series are accurate secondary battery 
protection ICs for 1/2/3-cell Lithium-Lon/Lithium-Polymer battery packs, on which a precise voltage 
detection circuit with a specific reference is embedded. 

NT1732A series monitor individual cell voltages. If 
any cell voltage reaches or goes over the specified 
voltage and lasts for a period longer than the delay 
time set, NT1732A series activate an external 
MOSFET to blow the three-terminal protection fuse, 
permanently disabling the battery pack.
*1 to 3-Series Cell Secondary Protection 
*High Accuracy Over-charge Voltage: 
 +/-25mV (+25℃) 
*Low Power Consumption: 
 At 4.0V for each cell: 2uA max. (+25℃) 
*High Ripple Rejection Ability for Power Supply 
*Notebook PCs 
*Power Tools 
*Portable Instrumentation 
*Medical and Test Equipment